Within BodyMAGIC! You will bravely and courageously discover the internal landscape of your psyche, your emotions, and with tools and exercises come to know yourself better than you ever have. It is from this place of awareness of self that the underlying emotions beneath the overeating and self-loathing behaviour will surface and be truly transformed. THIS IS THE MAGIC!
~ Shahara Mattingly CHHC, TCM, CYT

How often have you started a new ‘diet’ and realised that you have spent your whole adult life doing this? How often have you wondered if this behaviour, this over and over and over again battle with your weight will go on? How often have you thought there will be a miraculous ‘cure’ just around the corner and that you will live the rest of your life as that skinnier ‘sorted’ person? If you are like me then you will understand where I am coming from…
I read this book with an open mind and the usual scepticism that I approach all potential life changes, only to find that the advice in these pages has allowed me to let go of the way that I have always thought about food and life in general. Quite simply, I just don’t think about eating in the same way, there is no panic, no guilt, no anger and no disappointment whenever I eat. And my body is slowly beginning to listen and let go of the weight that I have carried since childhood.
Please read this book and please take on this advice. It comes from a real person with the same issues as you and I. It is not a quick fix and it is not a fad, you will have to do a lot of thinking for yourself but it can, and does, change your outlook dramatically for the best. This might just be the one thing that changes your life. ~ Susan Moore


Chinmayi Dore Body Magic

Author of BodyMAGIC!

Chinmayi Dore

Chinmayi Dore was born in Northampton and grew up in Rugby, UK. She left a 20 year banking career in 2007, at the age of 41, having suffered an emotional breakdown (and breakthrough). She committed herself to an intense period of learning and retraining in yoga and holistic therapies with a strong desire to helping others – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Having studied and practised yoga, meditation, nutrition and shamanism for over a decade, she has identified the fundamental elements of love, connection with the self and with Mother Nature that are essential to living one’s best life. She shares this knowledge frankly and passionately with anyone who is open and ready to hearing it. All of the solutions she teaches are based on natural, authentic and traditional methods which have stood the test of time.

Her lifelong challenges with weight loss/maintenance and her realization of the intense relationship between food and emotions have been the reason for her first book, BodyMAGIC! She has coached many sufferers to freedom from emotional overeating. Chinmayi has dedicated her life to guiding people away from the daily toil of weight loss diets and self degradation to health, healing and lasting happiness.

Chinmayi now lives in the mountains of Granada in Spain with her husband Myron, where they occasionally run courses, workshops and retreats in many of the techniques for which Chinmayi is qualified. Visit www.chinmayimagic.com for updates and more information.


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