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Chinmayi Dore

Chinmayi Dore

BodyMAGIC! Author, Mentor and Teacher

Chinmayi Dore was born in Northampton and grew up in Rugby, UK. She left a banking career in 2007, at the age of 41 to pursue a desire to help others – physically, emotionally and spiritually, committing herself to an intense period of learning and retraining in yoga and holistic therapies

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This book makes you realise how common emotional eating really is. That you are no longer alone and have nothing to feel guilty about. [It] guides you through the process of unpicking the layers and helps you understand the reasons why you overeat. The writer’s honesty about their own journey is inspiring and gives you hope that you can make changes. The book also offers a wealth of information about nutrition, yoga and meditation to name just a few. I would highly recommend buying this book.


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This is an inspirational book! A very different kind of approach to building a calmer, happier and healthier you. Full of thought-provoking information and exercises to support you to make changes in your outlook, attitudes and behaviours.

The author writes from her own personal experience of emotional overeating, and her sincerity and understanding permeate the pages.

Wish I’d known this stuff years ago!

Lesley H

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Heal Your Emotional Eating Faster

Everyone is different and their emotions are unique. No-one has the same life as you. So you might need help tailoring things to your own needs and situation. Let Chinmayi guide you on your journey to BodyMAGIC! Get in touch with her today for a free 30-min chat to see what might work best for you to achieve the most results in the least amount of time.

This is an alternative tailor-made option to the LifeMAGIC! Online option above. You may decide that you prefer one or two coaching sessions to help you out of a sticky patch. Or you may prefer to have a more flexible arrangement, suited to your time and resources.

Programs and Courses

MeditationMAGIC! – a 12-week audio course

Chinmayi has been teaching traditional yoga and meditation techniques for over 10 years. For some time, her students have been asking for recordings so that they can practice at home, away or even in the workplace.
Initially recorded for a CD set but now available ONLINE, this is a comprehensive journey into the world of meditation and mindfulness techniques.
Suitable for beginners and regular practitioners, they are nondenominational,  adaptable, flexible and totally unconditional.

LifeMAGIC! Online

A hand-holding, online, holistic, coaching program design to help you reach your physical, emotional and spiritual aspirations. This will not only have a huge impact on your journey to overcoming emotional eating but have a positive effect on your life day-to-day, your relationships and your environment.
You can choose between one, three or twelve month options.

The 12 Days of the Sun

Connect with nature, honour and share the magical power of the sun! This 12-day journey into this ancient practice will delight and inspire you. The sun’s energy can to drive your personal power, confidence and self-worth to a new level – a useful boost in overcoming emotional eating and significant part of the KNOW YOUR WORTH process.

It will, at the very least, reignite and develop or maintain a yoga practice to feel balance in body, mind and spirit.


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Ashram Yoga Retreat: Take 7 days over 5th to 12th September and revolutionise your life with a week immersed in tradional yoga practice.

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BodyMAGIC! has been a lifetime in the writing.

It is a definitive guide for the emotional eater. Not only is in a heart-bearing account of Chinmayis personal journey but it is a collection of many tried and tested, ancient or traditional solutions, with practical exercises and a workbook. It is a self-centered approach of gentle self-analysis and transformation. It collates research to prove that in all but a few cases diets do not and cannot work. Chinmayi encourages you to take a little time, effort and commitment to this programme but mainly to take a step back and look at why we overeat not what we eat and how much.

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